Howard Community College Knife Kit
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Howard Community College Knife Kit 

This is the knife kit used at Howard Community College for culinary classes, it contents as follows:

  1. Taylor Instant read thermometer
  2. Ateco flat pastry tip #806
  3. Ateco large star tip #826
  4. Steco rose nail
  5. Ateco rose remover
  6. _____
  7. Ateco rose tip #24
  8. Ateco eclair filling tip
  9. Winco dough scrapper
  10. Ateco 16 inch pastry bag
  11. Wooden spoon
  12. Ateco 12 inch spatula
  13. Mercer Millennia paring knife
  14. Mercer Millenia 8 inch serraated slicing knife
  15. 10 inch tongs
  16. Vegetable peeler
  17. Mercer Millennia 6 inch filet knife
  18. 10 inch wire whisk
  19. Mercer Genesis 8 inch chef's knife
  20. Mercer knife steel
  21. Winco roll bag
  22. Steel measuring spoon set


Item HCC is $146.23 plus Maryland Sales Tax, Shipping is Free. Total comes to $155.00


 Item HCC is $146.23 plus Maryland Sales Tax, Shipping is Free.


Total comes to $155.00

Optional Mercer Culinary Ruler

mercer ruler

The Mercer Rules™ is a must for every culinary student, chef, baker, and foodies and its made of stainless steel. This handy tool will help you to make precise cuts, reference accurate liquid, temperature, and weight conversions, store and cook foods at the proper temperature, select the right knife for a particular task, use the correct ingredient ratio form pie dough, pate a choux, and pastry dough and much more. Item M33241 Regular $22.00 Student price is $15.00. 

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HCC Knife Kit

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